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    I confirm that the data submitted in this webform may be used by Knights Brown for answering my enquiry. It may be held on record for business purposes for a period of 12 months.I do not consent to Knights Brown holding my data for business purposes.

    Opportunity for criminals to commit fraud and perpetrate financial scams is widespread, as has been highlighted by Constructionline in relation to attempts in the name of main contractors. None of us is exempt from attack by this malicious industry. so we issue this warning to those we do business with.

    Our brand may be used to commit fraud, targeted at our customers and suppliers, potentially causing business disruption and financial loss.

    We use advanced technologies to prevent attacks and are as proactive as we can be in detecting fraudulent domains. You can help by flagging security concerns if you see our brand being abused.

    Criminal organisations register domain names that look similar to their targets to commit fraud. We use the domain name knightsbrown.co.uk, which underpins our website and the emails we send.

    Before clicking on a link in any email purporting to be from us, please check the domain is spelt correctly and doesn’t include any extra words. For example ‘kniightsbrown.co.uk’ (with two i’s) or ‘knightsbrown-supplychain.co.uk’.

    Legitimate emails from us will not use extensions such as outlook.com or gmail.com.


    • Be alert to fraudulent domains targeting you for purposes of fraud.
    • Be extremely cautious of any request to change our bank details.
    • Treat poor grammar and spelling mistakes in correspondence as red flags.
    • Be vigilant for domains that misspell our name.
    • Flag any suspicious activity to law enforcement via Action Fraud.
    • Forward suspicious emails to us at fraudalert@knightsbrown.co.uk.
    • Contact us for verification either via a known contact, using details published on our website or at fraudalert@knightsbrown.co.uk.

    Take care not to:

    • Assume any domain containing our name Knights Brown is legitimate.
    • Engage in activity or communication, in any way, if you are suspicious.
    • Assume any other details in suspicious correspondence are real (e.g. telephone numbers, delivery addresses).
    • Rely on the banking system to protect you from fraud.