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    Framework Manager, Port of Dover
    Marc, Framework Manager, Port of Dover

    My name is Marc. I have worked for Knights Brown for seven years now and have been on the Port of Dover Framework for two and a half as the Project Manager. I have recently taken on the role of the Framework Manager.

    My day-to-day role includes:

    • Making sure our customer is happy; that we are delivering on what they want and addressing areas we need to improve.
    • Nurturing a great team by picking great people, giving them the right tools and creating a great environment for them to work in.
    • Ensuring our programmes are up to date and we have the right level of resources.
    • Keeping close to our suppliers to ensure they meet expectations.
    • Making sure we deliver a quality product everyone can be proud of.
    • Ensuring everyone goes home safely.
    • Achieving a fair margin for our efforts.

    No two days in the port are the same. Our objective is to assist the port with problem solving and reactive repairs, to help keep their ferry, cruise and cargo operations running smoothly.

    Being part of the Dover framework comes with many exciting challenges, such as managing multiple packages on the ground all at the same time. The packages range in value up to about £750k and finding the right balance to ensure positive outcomes for all of them is best done collaboratively. This at the same time of course, as making sure our impact on operations remains within the port’s expectations.

    One thing that’s special about the framework is the office space we share with PoD’s team, which has allowed us to build an outstanding relationship with them. Knights Brown greatly values Dover Harbour Board as a customer and having a good relationship with them not only benefits the project and our reputation, but it makes it a lovely place to work.

    One simple thing that helps keep our relationship strong is taking time to share food together. Every month we plan a themed spread, with everyone bringing in food to eat together. This benefits us all by:

    • Allowing everyone to socialise and enjoy lunch together
    • Building an enjoyable and informal rapport
    • Improving our relationship through better communication

    It began as a Knights Brown – Dover Port team lunch hosted in the office and has since grown bigger with a increasing interest from other workers in the port.

    In my role, I am currently managing 11 people, from on the ground to senior QS and PM. The team and camaraderie we have built has made coming to work a pleasure. Yes, we have tough times and difficult conversations but when the conversation is over, it’s left there with no animosity being carried forward.

    What I enjoy most about my job is seeing the effort I put in coming to fruition in a tangible result I can be proud of. There aren’t all that many careers where you drive past something you were involved with and say, “we built that”!