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    To draw children at primary school into our world of construction and engineering, we have designed several bespoke characters to accompany stories that explain our construction work and its relevance in today’s society. Not just for entertainment, the stories create a vibrant, imaginative context for introducing STEM concepts while sparking children’s innate creativity and curiosity. Our unique educational approach is aimed at demystifying the complexities of STEM subjects from an early age.

    This is our introduction to the characters that have captured the hearts and minds of school children across Wales.

    Dilwyn, the friendly sea monster is a misunderstood sea creature in our Porthcawl Coastal Defence Scheme narrative. His story unfolds as a well-intentioned, yet bumbling monster whose actions inadvertently harm the sea defences. A turning point comes when he encounters Ned, a young local who helps him comprehend the community’s fear and the importance of the defences. Upon grasping the impacts of his actions, Dilwyn assists in the repair efforts, and as a result, garners the affection of the townspeople. This narrative was woven into an educational curriculum aimed at teaching Porthcawl students about coastal erosion in a relatable and memorable manner.

    Having captured the hearts and mind of children across Bridgend County Borough, it was a natural progression or Dilwyn to travel up the Welsh coast to tell a new tale when when we were awarded the Mumbles Coastal Defence Scheme. In this story, Dilwyn visits his Grandpa Gruffydd in Mumbles to find out ‘How the Sea Shaped Mumbles’.  This unique educational project looks at the importance of coastal flood defences and how the sea has shaped the community of Mumbles through its history and landmarks. Dilwyn goes on a secret mission with Grandpa Gruffydd to find out everything and his inquisitive questioning helps the children of Mumbles discover some amazing things.

    The story is not just about coastal defence, it’s about legacy and connecting younger generations with their community’s history and the natural forces that have shaped it. At its heart, it instils a sense of stewardship and pride, inspiring children to sfaeguard the coastline for the future.

    Windymena, a lonely wind turbine, inhabits the Welsh hillside and loves a bright, windy day. More than a whimsical character in our educational narrative, she represents a serious commitment to teaching the science of renewable energy. She serves as a practical example of how construction, engineering and technology can be implemented to produce clean power efficiently. Our educational program aims to cultivate a new generation of environmentally conscious individuals equipped with a solid understanding of green technologies and their crucial role in shaping a sustainable future.

    Our outreach programmes emphasise the real-world applications of STEM, showing children how the skills they’re developing are not just academic but stepping stones to future innovation and career paths. By highlighting the relevance of these disciplines in everyday life, we aim to inspire a lifelong passion for discovery and a vision of the possibilities a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics can offer.

    Our team has developed programmes spanning the educational age range from primary through to higher education.

    Read Dilwyn’s story.