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    My apprenticeship with Knights Brown

    As I reflect on the pivotal moments that have shaped my career path, my apprenticeship experience with Knights Brown stands out as a great opening chapter. My name is Daniel Williams, an aspiring quantity surveyor, and this is how a summer placement evolved into an apprenticeship and the start of my career with Knights Brown.

    The beginnings of a career

    My adventure into the world of construction began in the summer of 2023. Curious and eager to explore a career in construction, I contacted Knights Brown, hopeful for an opportunity to gain practical insights. Their response was an invitation into the field as a quantity surveyor (QS) summer placement.

    From the onset, I was welcomed with enthusiasm by a team dedicated to construction excellence and nurturing the next generation of industry leaders. In this supportive environment, I started to lay the foundations of my quantity surveying expertise.

    Learning from the best

    Mentoring and guidance from the team has made my apprenticeship experience hugely enriching. Their patience and willingness to share knowledge allowed me to grasp complex concepts swiftly. This hands-on learning approach accelerated my understanding of quantity surveying and construction management.

    The exposure to live projects early in my apprenticeship was both challenging and exhilarating. Working on significant projects like the Cardiff Churchill Way canal revealed the intricacies of managing large scale construction tasks. This experience has expanded my horizons and deepened my appreciation for the construction process, from planning to execution.

    Growing my responsibilities

    Recognising my dedication and eagerness to learn, Knights Brown offered me an apprenticeship following my summer placement. Since joining in September 2023, every day has been a step forward in my professional development. My responsibilities have grown significantly. I now manage subcontractor applications and invoices, assess completed works, and assist in drafting substantial client applications. This level of involvement and responsibility is both a privilege and testament to Knights Brown’s investment in their apprentices.

    One of the aspects I treasure most about working at Knights Brown is the company culture. It’s a place where everyone is committed to achieving collective goals, yet individual growth and well-being are equally prioritised. This supportive environment has been fundamental in boosting my confidence and skills.

    The value of apprenticeships

    My experience underscores the immense value of apprenticeships. Beyond academic knowledge, it’s the practical experience and mentoring that have prepared me for a career in construction. Apprenticeships offer a unique platform for learning, growth and career development, something I’ve experienced first-hand at Knights Brown.

    I wholeheartedly recommend seeking an apprenticeship for those contemplating a career in construction. It’s a pathway that links education with experience, theory with practice, and most importantly, ambition with opportunity.

    Looking ahead

    As I continue to navigate my apprenticeship and the early stages of my career at Knights Brown, I am grateful for the strong start my apprenticeship provides. With every project and new challenge, I am backed by a team that believes in my potential.

    Knights Brown’s commitment to fostering talent and investing in apprenticeships like mine is a testament to the company’s forward thinking approach to shaping the construction industry’s future.

    For those seeking a career filled with growth, mentoring, and limitless opportunities, remember that it begins with a single step—or, in my case, a summer placement. Here’s to many more milestones and successes in my career.